Our Classrooms

Orange Room

The babies in the infant room like to play, eat, and sleep. Ms. LaKara helps them to build with blocks and knock them down. They are learning to crawl and hold their own bottles. They are becoming their own little people and begin to show their individuality. The babies squeal in delight when they are read to or helped to play with a toy. They are little people learning to grow, walk, bang into things, and throw! We are so glad they are here.

Purple Room

The toddlers are aged 12-24 months. They can walk around and explore their environment. They are learning to hold their spoons and sippy cups, and becoming independent. They love to go outside and play in the sandbox. They enjoy activities using their hands and bright colors. They are learning new words and love to sing everyday with Ms. Lucy. We are thankful for each one of them!

Yellow Room

The 2 year olds are learning to sit still and listen to stories. They are singing their ABCs and 123s. They love to do crafts, especially when they get to cut with scissors and glue things. They run outside and play in the sunshine. They are learning to use their words when upset, instead of hitting their friends. They are learning that when their parent leaves, they always come back. Ms. Regina is teaching them about pottying and controlling their bodies. So much to do in the mind of a 2 year old! We love the Yellow Classroom.

Green Room

The 3 year olds are starting to learn about shapes and letters. They sing about the weather and the days of the week. They are learning to follow the leader and take turns. They love to play in the water and explore their world with their bodies. They are read to everyday and are memorizing stories and asking development-appropriate questions. Oh, the things they are learning today with Ms. Elizabeth! It’s great to be in the Green Room.

Blue Room

The 4 year olds in the Blue Room are learning to recognize the sounds letters make, and learning to write their letters. They make crafts to go with the “Book of the Month,” and take turns “reading” it to their classmates. The preschool curriculum guides them through reading and phonics. They practice their letters every day by singing a neat song. Ms. Sarah Lambert’s children express themselves through their bodies with music, dance, and yoga. They are learning about diversity, individuality, and how these characteristics work together and in the world.

Red Room









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