The VICCC Story

In 2003, a group o f Blacksburg friends from local faith groups gathered to identify the most pressing social needs in the New River Valley and to see if there was a way to address one of these needs. The group quickly identified the plight of the low-income working parents with infant and toddler children, who had few or no choices for good, affordable places to leave their children while they worked.  At the most critical time in the child’s development, many of the youngest  in the New River Valley are missing out on the experiences that could make the difference in their ability to succeed in kindergarten and in life.

The group began publicizing this issue, and found immediate and heartfelt responses for the vision of high-quality, affordable, fully-state-licensed care to the children of income eligible working families of the Valley.

VICCC was formally organized early in 2004.  A Board of Directors sought and obtained 501 (c)(3) status as a true not-for-profit organization.  Financial support  was strong.  Contributions from a community that recognized the need began  coming in.  After operating in separate centers in Christiansburg and Blacksburg, VICCC is now located in the beautiful facility owned by Good Shepherd Church of the Brethren at the corner of Prices Fork and Heather Drive.  About 115 children to date have had safe, loving and learning experiences that prepare them t be successful in the next phases of their lives.


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