Kroger Community Rewards Program: Update



UPDATE: VICCC’s identification number for the Kroger Community Rewards program has not changed, and is still: 82995.  This is the number needed when selecting which charity (VICCC) to support.  If participating, and you would like to continue to participate you do need to re-enroll each year through the Kroger website.  For more information on Kroger’s policy for re-enrollment, please scroll to the bottom of this post.

The Kroger Community Rewards program is an ideal way to support Valley Interfaith Child Care Center! The program allocates funds to participating organizations based on the purchases that registered members, family and friends of the organization have made at Kroger using their Kroger Plus card. Each individual should enroll their Kroger Plus Cards online at the Kroger secure website,, and then choose to support VICCC.  Already have a Kroger Plus card registered to another charity or program?  No problem!  You can sign up for and register multiple cards to help support VICCC and others, too.

CLICK HERE for more information!


Re-Enrollment for current participants:

 Go to
 Click on the red Sign In tab at the top of the page.
 Enter your email address and password and click the red Sign In tab.
 Click on the red My Account tab at the top of the page.
 Click on Account Settings from the menu.
 Under Community Rewards, click on the red Edit tab.
 Then:

1. Find Your Organization (Search by Valley Interfaith Child Care Center or 82995.)
2. Select Your Organization (Click the button to the left of Valley Interfaith Child Care Center.)
3. Save Your Selection (Click the red Save button to save your selection.)

BE SURE TO CHECK YOUR KROGER RECEIPTS: After you enroll, we suggest you check the bottom of one of
your Kroger receipts to ensure that your enrollment was successful. Your receipt should say, “At your request,
Kroger is donating to Valley Interfaith Child Care Center.”


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