VICCC Quaifies for NAP Again!

We are excited to announce that VICCC has qualified for the Virginia Neighborhood Assistance Program (NAP) for Education again this year!  This tax credit program gives our valued donors the opportunity to apply for up to a 65% tax credit for qualifying donations.*

Donors can begin making 2015-2016 donations on July 1st!     CLICK HERE for more NAP Information.

Estimated Tax Savings       Individuals       Businesses
Donation to VICCC             $500            $1000
NAP State Tax Credit Rate             65.00%             65.00%
NAP Tax Credit Dollar Amount            ($325)            ($650)
“Out of Pocket” Cost of Donation               $175             $350

*Minimum qualifying donation for Individuals:  $500

*Minimum qualifying donation for businesses:  $616

The NAP tax credits may be applied to your Virginia state taxes, and the entire amount may be claimed on your federal taxes as a charitable contribution deduction.  Participation in NAP allows directed giving, providing you control to make your tax dollars benefit you and your community the most.  Eligibility includes both one time and cumulative donations which reach the qualifying amount within the same tax year.  The minimum donation amount must be met between July 1 and December 31, 2015 or between January 1 and June 30, 2016 to qualify.

If you are interested in participating in NAP, please contact VICCC Site/Program Director, Judy Chesler, at or call 540-951-8101.

All NAP tax credits are offered on a first come, first served basis.

Thank You Donors, Board Members, Staff, and Supporters!

Without you… there’d be no laughter.
Without you… there’d be no tears.
Without you… the doors would never have opened.
Without you… no children would be here.
Without you… there’d be no playground.
Without you… there’d be no books.
Without you… there’d be no precious moments.
Without you… there’d be no comforting looks.
Without you… the little hands that come here to play,
Wouldn’t have a safe place to go everyday.
Without you… there’d be not a single toy.
There’d be no one to play with these precious girls and boys.
There’d be no hands to lift up the little ones who fall.
There’d be no playing games or running in the halls.
There’d be no place for us to come to play.
There’d be no little ones day after day.

Thank God for planting smiles in the hearts of all of you,
Who started something beautiful and gave us all a view,
Of a mission to empower, educate, love, and grow,
All those blessings that we now have come to know.